Reach Customers With Mobile Ads

With the advent of mobile devices, be it a mobile phone or a tablet, the advertising market is about to change in a big way. Within the next year, this type of advertising is expected to reach an audience of 1.7 billion users and has already surpassed online desktop advertising.

How Mobile Affects Your Business

If you’re a small business, you’re going to feel like you hit the jackpot when you understand how mobile marketing will affect your business.

Mobile Marketing Tips

If there is one new gadget people love more than any other, it’s the smartphone. No matter where you go these days, you can’t avoid seeing people using these devices in airports, coffee shops and simply walking down the street. Of all the smartphone owners approximately 87% of these access the internet with this device.

The Power of Text Blasts

A “Blast” is a message that you send out to a group of opt-in users, to inform them of something that is happening, to advertise your product to them, and are often used as part of a strategic marketing campaign Text blasts are normally 150 characters or less, and once sent they are immediately received ……

Why Mobile Advertising

In the next year and beyond, mobile advertising is going to provide businesses with a competitive edge that will provide a return on investment unlike any advertising vehicle currently available.

Your Advertising Stinks!

Does your marketing stink? I bet that if you review all of your advertisements, most, if not all, of them will include ‘platitudes.’