Can You Reach More Customers With Mobile Advertising?

Can You Reach More Customers With Mobile Advertising?

With the advent of mobile devices, be it a mobile phone or a tablet, the advertising market is about to change in a big way. Within the next year, this type of advertising is expected to reach an audience of 1.7 billion users and has already surpassed online desktop advertising. Projections show this market will quadruple in the next year as mobile devices before more affordable.

If you’re a business with either local or global customers, you’ll be able to text them online specials in seconds. Everyone in your customer database can receive your message at the time and day you specify. Best of all, this technology is easy to use, simple to learn and affordable when compared to other advertising venues.

Imagine being a Pizza restaurant and you want to send a message to all your customers, right at the time their thinking about lunch at work or dinner that evening. You send out the message:

Text “pizza” to 72727 and receive $5 off your next order of $15 or more.

This can be done in under a minutes when using an online messaging service. You’ll be able to choose what days you’d like to have your message sent, what time to send it, and then go back to business.

On the days you choose it will be delivered automatically without you doing a thing. Or if you want to change the message, you simply go to your messaging service, make the changes, choose the days and you’re finished.

When customers come into your business simply offer them opportunity to be part of your “special offers” group, add their name to your database list and you’ve got another happy customer that you can message. This is a great way to improve business on nights that are slow, while at the same time giving customers information they appreciate receiving.

Bulk messaging is the new advertising future and print advertising is on its way out. No longer will you have to wait for your ad to appear in a local paper, you’ll send the ad on the day and time you choose.

This new way of marketing offers you a number of different advantages.

1. It’s inexpensive, highly targeted, and is a reliable way to reach out to current and new customers.
2. Customers who already recognize your brand name or product will be happy to sign up for you messages.
3. The open rate for text messages is significantly higher as your customer knows the message will be brief and will be offering them something of value.

These messages are usually opened quickly, putting your message in front of your customer when you choose. With print media, you’re often waiting days before you ad comes out. It’s only then that you find out if it has been effective or not. With SMS messaging you’ll know in a matter of hours how effective your ad was, allowing you to change it if you don’t see the desired results.

Times are competitive and business owners need to access every sales tool possible. SMS messaging allows them an easy way to do this. If you’re a store who offers online or in-store specials, this is the perfect advertising tool. Surveys show that customers appreciate receiving short and to the point messages that take seconds for them to look at.

Businesses using text messaging to promote themselves and their products can expect to see a 5% to 10% increase in their revenues with very little effort. Every business should be learning how this new tool can help their business.