How Mobile Marketing Affects Your Business

If you’re a small business, you’re going to feel like you hit the jackpot when you understand how mobile marketing will affect your business. Mobile marketing to personal smartphones is going to be a business bonanza for people who are small business owners. With the continued push for consumers to use smartphones and tablets, marketing your business to these people is going to be easier than any type of advertising you’ve ever seen. Everyone knows that print ads are no longer effective, mostly due to everything moving online.

So, what is mobile advertising? It works like this:

  • Millions of people own mobile phones
  • Many of your customers have these phones
  • It’s Wednesday afternoon at your restaurant and you know business will be slow tonight
  • You send a text message to all your customers and say
  • Everything is 10% off tonight
  • Dinner time arrives and you’re establishment is full of customers and they’re happy


That’s the basics of mobile advertising. But, it’s not just for restaurants. Doctors, dry cleaners, coffee shops, and just about any type of business will be using this new type of advertising if they’re not already. The results are already in on how well this is working. High response rates, high open rates and customers loving the idea of saving money. Coupons are cool again!

Now is the time to embrace what mobile marketing can mean for your business. At the end of last year, over 100 million people in the United States were using smartphones. That represents a 60% increase from the previous year, and expectations for 2013 are expected to increase three fold. So, what will this mean for the small business owner? It means it will now be easier than ever before to stay in touch with customers, and it will be more cost effective to boost profits with this new technology.

Mobile marketing is like advertising on people’s televisions, except it will be to your list of customers, and it won’t cost anywhere near what TV ads cost. Combine your Facebook account with your Twitter account and add mobile marketing into the mix and you’ve got a ready-made advertising agency just waiting for you to use them. Companies that offer back office programs are cost effective and allow you to manage your own campaigns. You’ll send messages to your customers on the day and at the time you want them to receive your message. Best of all, you’ll receive instant feedback on how well your ad was received. If it didn’t work, you’ll simply change it the next time. Most ads are one line of text with a code for you customers to use to get discounts, coupons or announcements of sales.

In the next year it’s expected that small business owners will increase their use of mobile marketing. So, how does this affect you? If you’re not using this fantastic advertising opportunity, most likely your competitors will be. You can’t afford to be beat out by your competition. Now is the time to embrace this technology, while it’s still new and capture your customer’s interest and build your database of customers at the same time. More customers mean one thing – more profits.

Today’s internet savvy customers expect to be able to search your website for information on their mobile phones. If your site is not mobile ready, you’re losing their business. They will quickly move on to a company that will give them what they want, so the sooner you start using mobile websites and advertising, the more market share you will grab for your business. What is currently happening is almost as important as moving from riding a horse to driving a car. Those who get involved on the ground floor are the ones who will be the big winners in the end. Don’t miss out on this new advertising opportunity.