Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile Marketing Tips

If there is one new gadget people love more than any other, it’s the smartphone. No matter where you go these days, you can’t avoid seeing people using these devices in airports, coffee shops and simply walking down the street. Of all the smartphone owners approximately 87% of these access the internet with this device.

This new technology has created consumers who are savvy at getting coupons, deals and discounts right through their smartphone and this allows businesses to connect with their customer at any time, day or night. The question is, how can you use this new technology to your advantage to increase sales and build your customer database?

Sending messages to customers on their mobile devices is now an essential part of any company’s advertising strategy. These messages need to identify your company at the top, have a short subject line, offer a great deal and make sure you have a “call to action.” Your email should have a simple design, be short on text and should link to either your website or your Facebook page.

Today, because of the boom in mobile phones, shoppers are more price savvy than ever before. They’re using these devices while in stores, as a way to compare prices in your competitor’s stores. Therefore, it’s important for you to ensure your website has been optimized for mobile phone users. They need their experience on your site to be simple, easy to use, thereby making it easy for them to place an order. If you don’t optimize your website for mobile users then you’re definitely losing sales. Keeping your location, hours of operation, and directions in an easy to find spot is another way to capture your customer. If not, they’ll move on to a site that does offer this convenience.

Your in-store customer will most likely have their mobile phone with them while shopping. This offers you the perfect opportunity to build your customer list by asking shoppers to send a text message or scan a QR code. Having signage at the cash register offering cash back on their purchase, for sending their message, is a perfect way to get your list building started. You can also use coupons and special offers to attract and inform them, while explaining that they can also send it to their friends in case they’d like to take advantage of special coupons and offers. Your list will quickly grow in a matter of weeks, if you have your sales people doing this with every purchase. Once a customer has used this method they are automatically added to your database.

Customers that are active on Facebook and Twitter are usually checking these feeds with their mobile phone. This is a great place to put out your message on Twitter, and a more extensive message on Facebook. Both of these can really explode your database as well as expanding your visibility to your customers. Not only will your customer be looking at their Facebook page, but their friends can also see what is there. The one tip here that’s really important is to give people a reason to follow you. Make the experience fun and they’ll be clicking the like button of your page in seconds.

Most people love to have an opinion, and there’s no better way to get it than to encourage them to leave reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Places, to name a few. Make sure your website is linked to these, making it easier to leave reviews. Twitter is a common place for people to leave reviews and has the potential to reach millions of people over time. If I’m planning a trip, I’ll search the name of the city I’m going to, and start looking at people’s opinions of hotels, restaurants and sightseeing option.

Learn to conquer this new technology and your business will benefit in the form of more sales and happier customers. It’s the future, and the sooner you use it; the more profits you will see!