Your Advertising Stinks!

Your Advertising Stinks!


Does your marketing stink? I bet that if you review all of your advertisements, most, if not all, of them will include ‘platitudes.’

Before we start, go get a few of your advertisements.

Really, go get them. If you can’t find one of your flyers, newspaper ads, yellow page ads, or Internet ads, then take a look at a competitor’s.

Ok, so what is a platitude?

A platitude is defined as a “a trite, meaningless, biased, or prosaic statement, often presented as if it were significant and original.”

-Free Estimates!

-Why pay more?

-Best Price!

-Locally owned & operated

-#1 in Satisfaction!

-We’re better.

-Conveniently Located

-Family owned

-Largest Inventory







If you have phrases like this in your advertising, it is no wonder your results are terrible.

Here take a look at these:


The Platitude Evaluation Tests

 Platitude Evaluation #1 – Well, I would hope so.

Read your ad. Now, put yourself in the mindset of your customer. Do you have any phrases in there in which you would say, “Well, I would hope so.”?

If you do, you have platitudes.

Here’s an example for an HVAC contractor.

‘Licensed & Bonded’

‘Handles all residential cooling sales, service, and maintenance in XXX County’

‘Call Us for Affordable HVAC Systems Today!’

Um….well, I would hope so.


Platitude Evaluation #2 – Who else can say that?

Back to the HVAC contractor:

‘Heating & Cooling Experts’

Couldn’t any company claim they were experts?

‘Serving XXXXX for over 33 Years!’

So, what? Many contractors can say that. Just because you’ve been in business longer does not mean you’re better. These examples do not evoke any emotion or interest and they are usually presented as significant reasons to do business.

They are platitudes.

Platitude Evaluation #3 – Scratch Out Write In

Take your ad and scratch out your company name and replace it with one of your competitors. Is the ad still valid? Could the competitor make pretty much the same ad with it still being true? If so, Platitude.

Do you feel like you’re always competing on price? Do you constantly get questions like about how much your product or service is going to cost? If you do, it is because you’re not differentiating yourself or your company. You’re just like everyone else. If everyone is the same, then of course the bottom line comes down to price.

When your potential customers see your ad and start evaluating your company, you need them to think one thing: “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you——regardless of price.” Start marketing the right way today, and start seeing real results.

If all this sounds new to you, that’s ok. Well, it’s not really ok for your business, but it is fixable. As for the Platitude Evaluations, we did not come up with these by ourselves. We have Mr. Richard Harshaw (author of Monopolize Your Marketplace) to thank for his groundbreaking book.

When you contact Local Lead Genie, we’ll give you a real consultation on your existing marketing efforts and show you how you can differentiate yourself and stop competing on price.