Automobile Service Departments Use SMS to Save Money

Car Service Department Provides Customer Service Using SMS

Car dealerships and their services departments, are now realizing the benefits of using mobile phone messages, to not only help sell automobiles, but to provide customers with better service when their car is in for regular maintenance.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Car Service Departments Go Mobile

The mobile phone market has exploded, and will continue to do so for years to come, as well as adding mobile tablets of all sizes. This presents a great opportunity for automobile dealers, who are trying to reach out to customers, in a cost effective way, which allows them to reduce overall marking costs. An added benefit is the ability to build a large customer database, for salespeople and the service department. This allows the two departments to work together to increase their outreach to customers, and bring in more business for both areas.

The car service department can reap great benefits, by reaching out to customers to update them, on when their car is due for service, communicate with customers during the day, as to the progress of any repairs, and let them know their vehicle is ready for pickup. It can also benefit the sales department, when the service department detects that a car may be reaching a point, where it’s more viable for the customer to purchase another vehicle, rather than continue with expensive repairs.

Allowing both the service and sales departments to build a large list of customers, allows both of them to reach out to customers quickly and easily, with any type of promotion related to the automotive business.

These short text messages are opened more often than emails, which tend to be far less effective, than receiving a short message on a mobile device. Today’s modern car dealership is beginning to realize, that a whopping 95% of these messages are opened, usually within minutes of receiving them. They’re also beginning to realize the potential there is to increase their business, in a number of different ways.

Using mobile coupons campaigns often generate a response rate as high as 35%, and that’s a conservative estimate. Automobile dealerships, who offer these benefits to their customers, are retaining old customers, while attracting new ones at the same time. Word travels quickly, when a car dealership is offering superior service to their customers, by using the high tech tools available today.

Different Ways to Attract Old and New Customers with SMS Marketing

Compared to old fashioned newspaper or other coupons, coupons sent by mobile phone marketing, often see a ten-fold increase in redemption rates. Special coupons can be sent out on days when you know the service department is going to be slow, thereby allowing you to instantly bring in more business for that day. Monthly reminders to customers for scheduled maintenance or oil changes are an added convenience that customers appreciate.

To get new customers many automobile service departments are using mobile messages for raffles, contests, and text-to-win games. Once your customers start forwarding the offers they receive, the increase in regular and new business will be rapid.

The service department can use this system to remind customers of an appointment, thereby lowering their “no-shows,” and customers of the automobile dealership find these messages to be helpful, and less intrusive than emails and telephone calls. Better yet, there’s a small learning curve, and as your workers become more tech savvy, there’s the potential for savings, as well as innovative suggestions from them on how SMS messaging will benefit the company.

It cannot be understated the power that SMS messaging offers car dealerships, and when combined with a mobile website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, the possibilities for saving, and more customers is endless. The car dealerships that get in before the rest will be the one, which will see the most benefits, while increasing their bottom line.

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