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Automobile Service Departments Use SMS to Save Money

Car Service Department Provides Customer Service Using SMS Car dealerships and their services departments, are now realizing the benefits of using mobile phone messages, to not only help sell automobiles, but to provide customers with better service when their car is in for regular maintenance. The mobile phone market has exploded, and will continue to […]

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WordPress Plugins for SEO

Two of the best plugins for WordPress, have to be “All in One SEO” and “Yoast”. SEO plugins are user friendly options, which allow you to optimize your website or blog, so that you get more recognition from search engines. These applications go way beyond what a standard WordPress installation can do for you, and […]

Pinterest for Pictures

What Is Pinterest and Why You Should Use It

The Value of Pinterest for SEO Pinterest is one social media site that is now outperforming the rest. A study, done earlier this year, which focused on social media, showed that Pinterest is growing the fastest, providing websites with more clicks from search engines, and websites are seeing an upward trend in unique visitors. With […]

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Do You Use Content Curation for Your Website?

First, let’s talk about what content curation is and what it’s not. Curating content for your blog is taking allowed content, from other sites, and placing it in your blog. For instance, videos on YouTube can be taken from their site, inserted into a blog post on your site, as long as you’ve checked the […]


What is Content Marketing & How Do You Engage Your Visitors?

Your website content and articles are content marketing. If you have a website that is about educating people, selling a product, or directed toward customer loyalty, then everything you put on your website should be about marketing to people through your content. Let’s explore how you can keep visitors at your site longer! Your content […]

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Does Social Media Help a Small Business?

When you finish this article, you’ll understand why, in today’s computer and mobile phone world, social media can plan a large part in the success of a small business. Think of how often you hear about Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Did you know that many users on the internet use these platforms, […]

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The Top 4 SEO Tips for Your Website

The top SEO tips seem to change each year, and for the most part, each one still holds a lot of relevance in today’s internet landscape. Today we’ll look at some SEO tips, with a view to helping you improve your website rankings, and ways to get and keep more visitors on your website. What […]

How To Build Your Online Reputation

Getting Ahead of Reputation Management in the Internet World

If you own a business and have employees and onsite customers, then you have the perfect recipe for a potential public relations disaster. No matter what the critical event is that arises, it’s important to understand, that what you do and say next will have long term implications on you, or your organizations reputation. In […]

Banned by Google Penguin?

Matt Cutts and His Take on Guest Blogging

Learn more from Google’s Matt Cutts and his take on guest blogging.  

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Guest Blogging – Is it a Good Idea

Guest blogging has always been seen as an acceptable way to get inbound links for your website. If you’re attempting to do this for your website, it’s important that the article you write, is considered to be journalism quality, and is placed only on websites that have high search engine rankings. If you take an […]