Companies Save by Hiring a Social Media Manager

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A few years ago, no one could have imagined the importance social media would have on a company’s bottom line. Today’s internet savvy companies are hiring “Social Media Managers” at an amazing pace. They’ve learned that social media is a highly effective tool, that allows businesses to engage their target audience, increase their website traffic, and have noticed the end result is higher sales, with smaller financial output.

With today’s financial crisis that’s being felt on a global basis, companies see the value in replacing a sales person, with a highly effective social media manager. One social media manager has to power to bring in more sales and increase a bottom line, than old fashioned sales tactics. As the results come in, more managers are becoming believers in the power of social media. Marketing departments, that are in-house, and marketing agencies that are hired by a company, are costly entities when compared to what one social media manager can provide for a company.

Social Media Manager Benefits

A social media manager knows how to go online, and attract a highly targeted audience for a company. They know how to go into community groups, and participate in such a way, as to not be seen as overtly promotional, but still bring in new customers for the company. All the actions that a social media manager performs are designed to, bring more customers to the company’s website, and help to convert those visitors into buyers.

Some companies have been able to take this to the extreme by not using salespeople at all, and depend completely on social media to provide them with the sales they need. Numerous companies are also employing freelancers from online, which in turn helps to eliminate office space expenses, and employee benefits.

A social media manager will setup company profiles on a variety of different social media platforms. They’ll insure content is relevant, up-to-date, provides value to followers, and brings in new business for the company. These experts understand how to use each social media platform to its fullest extent, without over-doing it, and provide information that is relevant. They keep up-to-date on industry trends, what rival companies are doing, what people are talking about, and understand how to develop relationships with others, that will be beneficial to your company.

Your social media manager will understand how to promote your website and or blog, and do so effectively to potential customers. They help in reaching out to your “target market audience,” through groups, forums and different social media platforms. They’ll bring in “quality” followers for your Twitter account and Facebook pages, as well as forming a strategy for Google+ and LinkIn.

Quality followers bring more value to your company. Watch out for the people who promise to get you thousands of followers in a short time frame. Rarely are these quality followers, and can do more harm to your brand than good. This is one of those times when “less is more.”

Much of social media is about dialoguing with others, and providing relevant information, that will help them in their lives. They’ll also work to get your company guest bloggers, who are experts in their field, and who can intelligently discuss your product.

One part of having an online conversation, is replying to potential customer’s comments, and concerns as soon as possible. Your social media manager needs to be your voice in these venues, so they can effectively build relationships. They should be at ease communicating with strangers, who are voicing opinions and concerns. It’s important that they completely understand your business and its focus.

What they DO NOT do for you, is develop your marketing strategy, create content for your website, unless they are highly experienced in this area, do any form of marketing by email, and do not develop your leads, but gives potential leads to someone in the company.

Each company should explore the benefits of having a social media manager, and if hiring one, work together to define the expected goals. The company and its brand will benefit in the long term.

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