Do You Use Content Curation for Your Website?

Curated Content

First, let’s talk about what content curation is and what it’s not. Curating content for your blog is taking allowed content, from other sites, and placing it in your blog. For instance, videos on YouTube can be taken from their site, inserted into a blog post on your site, as long as you’ve checked the permissions, and used for your viewers to enjoy. Curating is often done on Facebook, where you can use a story that is allowed to be posted to Facebook, and by inserting the websites link, you can make it available to all your subscribers.

Curating content can help to bring traffic to your website, and brand your site as an authority website for your viewers and search engines. Mixed in with your own content, this proves to be a powerful way to enhance your blog. Curated content is when your go out on the web, gather information that is pertinent to your blog’s subject, and then presenting it to your viewers.  With so much content on the internet, you help to cut the time searching, by bringing information into your website for your viewers, so they don’t need to search the internet for hours. It’s all in one spot and it’s your blog. Doing this, along with providing your own articles, makes you the “go to” place for information on that topic.

Another example of curated content is Facebook. Although most people use it for connecting with friends, a lot of people subscribe to different site’s pages that they’re interested in, and that content is then presented to them in one area on Facebook. No longer does someone have to visit all their favorite sites to see if anything is new. If there is new content, it will show up on Facebook. Consider your own website a “mini” Facebook, but for your topic only.

Use Trusted Websites

It’s important to remember that curated content must be from a very trusted site. In your blog, you’ll create an entry that will include:

•    An eye catching headline that will attract viewers by using keywords,
•    A few lines of text where you comment on what you’re presenting,
•    A great picture that helps to capture people’s attention.
•    A link to the actual article that you want people to see.

This is an endless opportunity for your website to attract visitors on a daily basis, and have them subscribe to your website or return every day. You may want to set up a newsletter that summarizes the week’s posts, and allows you to promote items that will help those who are following your site.

What It’s Not!

Curated content is not where you find great content, and then copy and paste the entire article into your blog. That’s plagiarism and often copyright infringement.

When done correctly, you’ll have the content on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for a start. This takes a limited amount of time to do, and it cannot be understated the value it brings to your website and to your visitors.

How to Find Good Content

Depending on your subject, one way to curate content is through signing up for Google Alerts, using your keyword for your site. Another is to bookmark sites that are authority sites, or subscribe to their RSS feed. Emails are another way to getting authority information.

In the end, the one thing that curated content does do for your website, is give you information to share with your readers for free, involves a small amount of time, and can raise your visibility in search engines quickly.

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