What is Content Marketing & How Do You Engage Your Visitors?

Your website content and articles are content marketing. If you have a website that is about educating people, selling a product, or directed toward customer loyalty, then everything you put on your website should be about marketing to people through your content. Let’s explore how you can keep visitors at your site longer!

Engaging People

Your content should be designed to engage your readers. Your blog, EBooks, and videos need to, not only bring in new people to your website, but also needs to entertain your current following. Today, many websites don’t offer content that is designed to sell, and more often it’s been poorly written.

Ever since Google declared that “content is king,” websites have worked hard to increase their content, but unfortunately, many have hired writers that don’t know how to write for the internet audience, and it’s noticeable that English in not their first language, as their grammar and spelling is atrocious. We’ve all seen sites like this and most of us can’t leave them fast enough.

Many website owners have gone online, and hired writers from other countries to write content for as little as $0.50 for 500 words. Now, can you imagine what kind of quality that paltry sum is going to produce? Google has tried to address this problem with their recent updates, but there are still far too many of them showing up on the first page of search results.

How to Write Good Content That Search Engines Will Love


It’s important to understand that your title or headline is often the first thing a visitor will see. If that doesn’t grab their attention, you’ve likely lost a reader. After the headline, people will scan paragraph headings. Do you know how to successfully write headlines and titles that grab people’s attention? It’s important to learn this skill.


Use Images to Engage Your Visitor

You can use images to grab people’s attention, and often these are seen before anything else on your website. One picture can be worth a thousand words, if it’s the right picture in the right place.

You want a picture that helps to tell your story, and not a picture that’s basically meaningless. Engage your visitor with images throughout your article and they’ll stay on your page longer.



Let’s Talk About Your Paragraphs

If you’re reading a book, long paragraphs are fine. When reading a webpage, long paragraphs can be overwhelming, especially today when many suffer from information overload. People will read paragraphs if they’re short, certain words are bolded, pictures are engaging, and the first line has relevant information. If your visitor starts to skim your site and becomes overwhelmed, they’ll likely leave you site and look elsewhere for information.

Have You Used Videos in Your Articles?

Videos are a great way to keep someone on your site. The video though must give them good information, teach them something new, and show them how it will benefit them.

Remember, the longer the video, the more likely they’ll lose interest in it. Ensure the video is short and relevant. Videos can play a key role in engaging your target audience.

When used correctly, and with links to other relevant videos they help your visitor stay entertained. If you want a free way to enhance your video, check out Mozilla’s Popcorn here, or play this video.

How to Get Customer Feedback

Throughout your writing you should subtly encourage your visitor to let you know their opinions. Comments allow for interaction with your current audience, and work as content for future visitors.

Make sure that if someone leaves a comment, you reply to it as soon as possible and make sure that your comment section has a way to notify the original commenter, that a reply has been posted. That keeps them returning to your website and engages them further. Speaking of comments, we’d love to hear your thought and experiences that you’ve encountered on your website and others on the internet.

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