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How To Have A Mobile Friendly Website

How to Create A Mobile Friendly Website?

Google recently reminded everyone about the power of having a mobile website. In fact, Google predicted that 60% of people who go to your website, will leave if it’s not mobile friendly. Even when people like your business, they’re still likely to stop doing business with you if your website is not mobile friendly. So, if you want more customers and more sales, ensure that you have a mobile ready website if you expect to succeed.

Getting your website redesigned for mobile phone viewers as well as internet viewers is not as hard as you think. The best approach is to hire a web designer who understands mobile web design and pay to have it done. Although there will be upfront costs, the mobile website design will pay for itself with more customers. Websites are all about the experience you give a customer, and if you’re not mobile ready, they’re getting a bad experience and you’re losing potential business.

It’s possible to create one design that will fit all types of devices; mobile phones, tablets and desktop/laptop users. Your site will become less expensive to manage and easier to maintain yourself once you switch to a mobile web design. This type of design means that mobile users will never again have to type “M” before your URL, as you’re site will accommodate all comers. Websites using web design that’s referred to as “responsive design”, will never have to worry about visitors not having a great experience. Responsive designs detects the type of device being used to access the site, and adjusts the site accordingly. It will have the ability to swap out images, offer user friendly navigation and will automatically change the layout for the viewer.

For many people this is going to be “Greek” to them, and if this is the case a professional designer can redo your site quickly and efficiently for you. If you’re going to go mobile, this is also the perfect time to make any design changes you would like to see. Old websites tend to get tired after awhile, and updating colors and design can give you a new and fresh look to offer your visitors. If you’d like to understand mobile websites a bit better, or have questions, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain how a mobile website can benefit your business.


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