Guest Blogging – Is it a Good Idea

Guest Blogging-Good Idea?

Guest blogging has always been seen as an acceptable way to get inbound links for your website. If you’re attempting to do this for your website, it’s important that the article you write, is considered to be journalism quality, and is placed only on websites that have high search engine rankings. If you take an article, and then spin, so it appears to be about the same subject, but not the original article, it won’t be long before Google’s algorithm picks up on this, and penalizes you, and the website where the guest article/blog has been placed.

Guest blogging used to be a great way to get inbound links, until spammers discovered they could spin articles, and get them posted on many sites around the internet. That of course led to Google discovering this type of activity, then adjusting their algorithms to pick up on this type of activity, and penalizing both websites; the ones who used these type of articles and the linked site in the article.

Helpful Guest Blogging Rules

Basically guest blogging is a way to build your relationship with other quality websites. The article that you write for these sites, must be of high quality, provide relevant information, that’s helpful to that site’s visitors, who will then “hopefully” shared the information with others on the internet, and will engage people to feel comfortable leaving comments.

On the other hand, taking an article and spinning it a few times, and then offering it to article directories is not considered “real” guest blogging. This type of article writing is usually considered to be of low quality, and can do more harm to your website, than the good you thought it would do.

Consider exploring websites, which are looking for good articles for guest posting. These services seek out articles that are well thought out, well written, and offer a level of authority from the writer. They’re very different from ezine article directories, which can hurt your website. The writers for these sites produce articles, which are considered to be written at a newspaper or magazine level of journalism. They take hours to produce, not the 45 minutes it takes for a bad writer to produce a quick article.

When you start to look for places where you can offer your article, you need to consider how legitimate the website is considered to be by Google. If they’re a real company, they’ll have contact information available, the posts on the site will be high quality content, usually pictures are interspersed in their articles, and often they’ll have a number of people commenting on the article.

Offering High Quality Content

If you’re considering writing an article, for the sole purpose of getting a backlink, then you need to be offering high quality and authoritative content to that website. On the flip side, you need to ensure that the website you’re offering your hard work too, has the high value that you are looking for. It’s a two-way street when you’re offering articles for backlinks. Ensure that quality is the main concern in both your work, and their website. In the end, quality will always win out, and as Google continues to adjust their search engine algorithms, good quality will rise to the top, and low quality websites will slip in ranking.

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