How to Improve Local Rankings

Companies that don’t sell worldwide or even across the country, need a way to boost their local rankings. There’s really no way to a “quick fix”, when it comes to local search engine rankings. Local rankings are about developing an online presence, talking about promotional activities, having social media presence, and most importantly; blogging. If you have the time, you can do it yourself on a daily basis, or outsource it to a company that specializes in local blogging and social media.

Local Blogging

The good news for local businesses is that very few companies have discovered the power of blogging. The number of businesses that are not blogging locally, is staggering, and for them, they’re losing out on the power that local blogging would give them. This gives businesses, who are doing local blogging, an amazing tool that will help their business rank higher in search engines.

Most local businesses have done the basics for their website, and believe there’s nothing more to do. They hired the web design company, who built them a great site, optimized their site for search engines, setup social media accounts or the business, and then left the balance of what needs to be done to the business owner. Basically, this means everyone is doing the same thing, and this gives them no advantage in search engines, that allows them to rise to the top in the search results.

The business that starts to blog and does so consistently, has the opportunity to rise to the top very quickly, and will gain a significant advantage over their competition. The business that gets in first will most likely stay there, even if their competition starts to blog. They’ll be looked at as, having a longer history of blogging, and therefore will be recognized as having more authority with the different search engines.

The SEO Advantage of Having a Blog

Google often looks for fresh content on a website, and by blogging daily, you’ll attract Google’s search engines, which ends up with your company getting better rankings on search engine websites.

Use your blog to interact with your customers, and Google will recognize you as an authority site. Learn all the different ways to develop subscribers, through social media, a monthly newsletter, and by answering questions that customer write about on your blog. Not only will search engines like this, but your customers will see you as more approachable. You can also use your blog to encourage reviews and other customer feedback; but remember the importance of responding and recognizing these visitors.

Local blogging is a great way to rank in blog searches and local map searches, which in turn produces results that bring in more customers to your business. Blogging also allows you to counter any online attacks and is a perfect way to build your reputation and manage it over the long term.

It you want to have a social media presence, which is hard to avoid these days, then posting to your blog, and then cross posting to all your social media sites is a great way to stay relevant. This will result in people following you through social media, and will result in your company having to interact in more than one place. Responding to the public in social media platforms can be a critical step in the success of your business.

How to Start Local Blogging

Since your site is already setup, hire a SEO company who knows how to optimize and install a blogging platform for you to use. They’ll know the correct way to incorporate the blog into your website, and will help you to understand how to use it correctly.

Your blog does not necessarily have to be all about your business! Learn to mix things up a bit, and incorporate some local news into your blog, along with your business news. Introduce your employees through your blog and let your customers get to know them.

Blogging Daily

This is a great way to keep your audience interested, and the perfect way to keep them returning to your site. Blog posts should be kept short and to the point, and should never be a long post with a lot of useless filler. With some companies short is better, yet for others they may need to do longer posts. If you need to do longer posts, don’t forget to add in pictures or videos to create a more entertaining environment. They also help to break up the text, if it’s a longer post and keep the visitor engaged.

Consistency is the key to local blogging, and is part of reaching higher rankings over time. It’s not going to happen overnight, but a steady approach will get you recognized. When your competition finally realizes how powerful blogging is and decides to start their own, you’ll be way ahead of them.

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