Instagram Announces Instagram Profiles

Instagram Goes Web Based

With the announcement of photo sharing Instagram moving to the web, and allowing profiles, it’s expected that this new feature will bring a wealth of new users to its website which currently stands at approximately 100 million. Owned by Facebook, Instagram will offer people the opportunity to have profile picture, and a biography of pictures they’ve recently exchanged with other people.

The new layout looks very much like Facebook’s timeline, with the omission of advertising…so far. The user’s profile can be found on the right hand side, while the rest of the real estate on the page is devoted to their pictures.

Is There A Problem?

Users of the application are expressing concerns, that their pictures will no longer be private to them and their chosen friends. Instagramers needs to look at their privacy settings, to ensure that they checked the right box, and enabled their privacy. It appears that the default setting is set to allow everyone to see your site and profile, and will need to be changed manually. Instagram is not notifying users of this breach of their privacy, and users need to be made aware of the potential for harm. It appears that the setting was disabled with the new move to profiles, which leaves people wondering why!

Real Estate War

While searching for different companies, such as Walmart and Reebok, it’s interesting to see that people are grabbing these names. I image the hope is that they sell the name to the relevant companies, for whatever dollar price they ask for.

Also of note, is the fact that your pictures will be available across the web once your profile goes public. There appears to be no definitive answer yet, on whether or not Instagram users can opt out of this feature, but they are allowed to turn their profile private if they realize that its default is public.

That means anyone, anywhere can not only see your pictures, but can grab your pictures and store them on their own computer. While anyone can grab your pictures, you won’t be able to upload your pictures from a web based application, but you will be allowed to follow people if you are on a web browser.

Let’s hope that in the very near future, Instagram does more to protect users from this type of online piracy, and changes the default to private, until the Instagram user changes it to public.

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