Local Business Marketing: Google+ Local & Local SEO

Google has become the most powerful search engine in the world, and is reported as being used by over 92% of Americans daily. The newest social network implemented by the search giant, Google+ is something every business owner should look into for maximum local exposure and optimal return on investment.

In 2012, Google abandoned Google Places and moved to Google+ Local, which changed the “local” game quite drastically.

The move has forced local business to invest in a social network aimed at revolutionizing local marketing.

The Result?

A world leading, review based network powered by the leader in search engine based lead generation.

Experts agree, to capitalize on Google+ Local, an optimized website and Google+ Local page are a must. But too often, these are not enough to rank in the top 3 spots on Google, where over 50% of prospects end up.

Our experience shows, to rank optimally on Google, efforts should be spread beyond optimized web pages. This is why Local Lead Genie offers top notch video marketing, via YouTube as well as and Google Maps listing management (via Google+).

Local Businesses Need Citations

Improving visibility on the various map services out there is largely dependent on the number of citations that exist mentioning your business.  What is a ‘citation?’  A citation is your Name, Address, and Phone Number in a specific format, like MyCompany LLC, 123 Anystreet Drive Suite A, Anytown, NJ 01234 (732) 555-1234.  When search engines find citations mentioning your business, it reinforces, validates, and verifies that your business is real and that it is one that offers products and services.  A high number of high quality citations is essential to optimal map visibility.

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