Online Reputation Management – Got Bad Reviews?

In addition to using a proprietary review acquisition system, Local Lead Genie leverages proven marketing techniques that improve visibility of your most favorable pages on major search engines.

Has your company or name fallen victim of negative reviews, rants, unfair comments or competitor slander? There’s hope on the horizon… Local Lead Genie reputation experts can help!

In 2012, customers rely on online reviews more than ever. This trend is set to continue to grow exponentially in the years ahead. With this in mind, the reputation economy we are in dictates every business should invest in online reputation management.

How Is Local Lead Genie Different Than Other Reputation Management Companies?

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider Local Lead Genie over any other reputation management service:

1) Top Notch Review Acquisition
Local Lead Genie relies on proven strategies to generate positive reviews for businesses and individuals alike. Because no one can completely eliminate negative reviews, when such feedback has gone viral online, Local Lead Genie focuses on the more challenging aspect of reputation management, the acquisition of positive reviews via proprietary techniques created by Local Lead Genie reputation experts.

2) Cost Effective Solution
Because we do not rely on third party companies, Local Lead Genie has the ability to customize each reputation management program according to your budget. With over 10 years of experience under our belt, Local Lead Genie experts can quickly evaluate the status of your online reputation and devise a plan of action guaranteed to impact your sales or leads positively, and timely.

3) No Long Term Contracts
While our competitors pressure their clients to commit to 6 months to 1 year long contracts, Local Lead Genie focuses on results, not contracts. Local Lead Genie counts on your satisfaction knowing full well a satisfied customer often becomes a repeat customer. At Local Lead Genie, your satisfaction ranks at the top of our list of priorities.

Trying to Get Rid of Bad Reviews?

Have you been trying to get rid of some bad online reviews?  Maybe you had a few unhappy clients or customers go on a rant on your Google+ Local Page?  Trying to get rid of bad reviews as a strategy is simply not very effective.  If you want to improve your online reputation, a better strategy is to focus on what you do well and put a customer review acquisition system into place that, in turn, floods the search engine results pages with the positive experiences of your customers.  Once you do this, one or two negative reviews will not hurt as much or prevent customers from doing business with you.  However, if you have just one or two reviews and they are both 1 or 2 stars, you can bet that you are losing customers on a daily basis!

To request a consultation and to find out more about our proprietary reputation management services, call us today at 877-634-1710 (before your competition does).