Restaurant Marketing

Restaurants are turning to mobile marketing to help improve their profits. If you’ve been thinking of doing the same thing, or you’ve already discovered mobile marketing for your restaurant, then these tips are for you.

If you want your text message marketing to be less expensive than other media, such as newspaper ads, radio spots, or internet advertising, then it’s imperative that it’s done correctly in order to maximize your advertising budget. When done correctly you’ll spend less and get better results.

Choosing a Restaurant Marketing Service Who Knows How to Get People to Signup

Since your customer database is one of the most valuable assets your restaurant has, you need to learn how to properly ask people to sign-up to receive your messages. You can’t simply go to a customer who’s eating their meal and ask them to join your list. Create advertising cards for the table that explain the benefits of joining your VIP list. Spell out what they’ll receive in their text messages. From deals that are exclusive to the club, coupons, offers for discounts on drinks, and alerts on free food are just some of the ideas that have proven successful for restaurant database expansions.

With Text Marketing for Restaurants, You Need to Learn When to Send Your Texts

Since text alerts are often opened immediately, timing becomes a critical factor to the success of your message. If you want to attract the lunch crowd, then send your message approximately one hour before lunch. At this time people are considering where to eat and they’re starting to get hungry. Make your offer for a specific time period for that day only. The same holds true for the dinner hour. Reach them when they’re thinking about dinner plans. When you put your offer in front of them at the right time the benefits will mean a packed restaurant that afternoon or evening.

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