SEO Services

Local Lead Genie is an online web marketing and SEO company who specializes in keyword relevant search engine optimization via strategic onsite optimization, social signals, and content marketing.  While most companies will offer you thousands and thousands of links in their link building campaigns, we do it a little differently.  Link building for the purposes of improving search engine rankings will sometimes work really well, but it can also backfire, leaving you with a penalized site and little chance of recovery.

An important thing you need to know in advance before endeavoring into the world of buying seo services, building links and content marketing is that results will not happen overnight. Results are always in tune with time and effort invested.

True high quality links are achieved through actual interaction (acquired through merit), while lower quality (high quantity) links are typically written with the purpose of solely influencing search engine rank, which, as we mentioned earlier, can and usually does cause problems in the end.

Hiring an SEO Company in a Post Penguin World

As millions of websites can attest, you should not take organic search engine rankings for granted – ever!  While search traffic can be a great way to attract new leads, customers, and in turn, business, relying  on it as your sole source of traffic can be disastrous should things go badly.  That’s why it is important to hire a company who has experience in seeing what types of search engine marketing are low risk/high return for your business.

Not Just SEO Services

While improving traffic and rankings does matter a lot, there are many other aspects of your business where we can help as well and that’s why you should really consider hiring a marketing company like Local Lead Genie, not just your standard onsite specialist or run-of-the-mill link builder.  We have the experience and expertise to help you in many different areas of marketing and are not limited to SEO.  When you become our client, we will also be able to assist you with improving conversion, optimizing landing pages, enhancing social media presence and making sure you are getting the most out of your website and other advertising.

Be certain that during your SEO endeavors, to align yourself with a company like Local Lead Genie that focuses on white hat content marketing (not everyday link building) strategies that produce measurable results, not excuses!  We’re a smaller company based in New Jersey, but we have worked with both small one person operations all the way up to Fortune 1000 companies.

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