How Do I Use Pinterest to Get More People to My Website?

Did You Pinterest Me Today?

With rapid speed, Pinterest seems to have taken over the internet! Tech sites across the web have been talking about this site on a daily basis, and now people are realizing the SEO value of having a Pinterest account. When a website generates that kind of attention, website owners need to look at how they can use this site as part of their social media strategy and a SEO strategy.

Before you could blink twice, Pinterest quickly had over ten million users. With this in mind, and with an endless future for Pinterest, we’ll look at how to use it to your advantage, and how to use it for social media and for SEO, (search engine optimization).

Once you’ve joined Pinterest and setup your account, the next step is to link Pinterest to your current Facebook account and your Twitter account. You’ll find it quite easy to do, and once completed, you’ll find that anytime you post a picture to your Pinterest account, it will also show up in your Timeline on Facebook. Then you can use Flckr and Twitter to help you promote your pins.

You’ll also want to make sure to add “Pin It” icons to your website or blog, so that those visiting your site can easily share your website’s content, with their followers on Pinterest. It’s easy to accomplish without needing a plug-in, since Pinterest will give you the code to put on your site.

Using Pinterest, and linking back to your website, will get you increased traffic compared to sharing with Facebook. Better yet, Google in now indexing Pinterest boards and profiles, so by simply adding keywords to your images, you’ll get even more visitors to your website. With their rapid growth this year, Pinterest is becoming a great way to promote yourself, and your website to the world.

You can easily use Pinterest to achieve exposure for content you’ve created. By using quality photography of your products, Pinterest gives you the ability to share with millions of people. Since photos connect to your website, people are more likely to visit your site when they’re interested in the photo you’ve pinned. Think in terms of your picture being a “Click-Here” button, and if you add text that’s motivational or informative you’ll likely see additional traffic to your site.

Using keywords will also help you to get more clicks and more people sharing your images. Research your keywords in order to get the best value for your work. Then, when you’ve completed all of the above, start to share everywhere you can think of…Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and before you know it you’ll have a large number of people starting to follow you. Just remember, that it’s important to use Pinterest in a way that does not overly promote your website or yourself, and end up looking spammy. It needs to be used so that it uses subtle ways to get your service or product into a large world audience.

Recently Pinterest has reversed their “do follow” link to “no-follow”, so you’ll have to remember, that when you pin something you also link it to your website. Then it will still allow for quality traffic to your site.

The last piece of advice for Pinterest is to make sure in your settings that you’ve turned the “Hide” setting to off, so that you’re pins will be available to search engines. Happy pinning!

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