What Is Pinterest and Why You Should Use It

The Value of Pinterest for SEO

Pinterest is one social media site that is now outperforming the rest. A study, done earlier this year, which focused on social media, showed that Pinterest is growing the fastest, providing websites with more clicks from search engines, and websites are seeing an upward trend in unique visitors. With over 25 million people visiting daily, Pinterest users are purchasing items, and spending more than they normally would on other websites. Now that Pinterest is recognized as being in the top 50 websites, no one with a website can afford to not be using this valuable tool.

Pinterest is a community that allows you to virtually pin and organize your articles, images, and videos that you discover, when browsing the internet. You can organize your boards into different categories, and automatically tag things as you’re searching the internet. Best of all, you can share your boards with any number of friends, that you’ve added as Pinterest friends. Simply install their “Pin It” icon to your browser and then use it while surfing.

But, it’s also important to recognize the value of Pinterest for social media. It has valuable search implications, for anyone who wants to promote their website. Until recently, when I started gardening, I never really “got” what Pinterest was about. I searched the internet for different gardening ideas, and often the results I got back took me to Pinterest pages. That’s when I woke up and realized how important sharing pictures through Pinterest could be for my websites.

Pinterest – Company Accounts

Pinterest recently announced that they will now allow business accounts to use their site, and added new resources that have been built around their needs. Now a company will be allowed to create a:

•    Business name,
•    Verify their site with the use of html code.
•    When validated they can display a “Verification Badge.”

If you already have a company account you’ll be allowed to change over to a business account. You’ll also be allowed to add the “Pin-It” and “Follow” buttons to your website.


SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page), show that Pinterest is being crawled by all the major search engines, with results often being shown near the top in search results. If you’re a Pinterest user, you can use your Pinterest board, and add pictures that include high value keywords, that are relevant to people searching for your product. The search engines are indexing the pins as well as the comments that are below the picture, and any links that have been added. All of this is starting to show up in search engine results, which is what all of us strive for.

More Links to Your Website

If you’re looking for ways to receive more links to your website, Pinterest offers a tremendous opportunity. Pinterest is a social site, and users often will share their links with their followers and other users. When you post a picture or video to Pinterest, the link to your website or the site where the pictures was taken from, anyone who re-pins your picture will be sharing your link along with the picture.

As you can imagine, it can then spread to thousands of people very quickly when it’s a popular picture or video. The more it’s re-pinned, the more opportunity you have to bring people to your website, and gain higher search rankings at the same time.

Tips for Benefits and Website Optimization

First, it’s going to make people more aware of your website and what you offer there. It’s creating brand awareness for you and your site, with very little effort on your part. The more your offerings get shared, the more traffic you’ll see to your website.

It’s important to remember that Bing and Google are indexing these offerings, and putting them in their search engine results, in order to give their users a better overall experience. Many people have started to use “Google Images” to look for things they’re interested in, and Pinterest pictures rank high in the results. The minute someone clicks on the picture, they’re directed to your website, which is exactly what you want to have happen.

So, how do you optimize your images on Pinterest? The site allows you to add a description of your photos or videos. They give you 500 characters in which to do this. This is where you can add in your relevant keywords and long-tail keywords that will attract the search engine crawlers. They then get picked up by search engines and displayed in search results.

Make sure that you add a “Pin-It” icon to every page on your website, where you are promoting something. This gives every visitor a chance to pin anything that’s on your page, and then share it with all their followers. The more you engage with your customers by offering great images, the more likely they’ll be inclined to offer it to their followers.

This is just one part of a strategy for social media engagement, but there is no doubt, that engaging with people through your Pinterest account, will add amazing value to your SEO efforts.

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