How to Get Better Search Engine Rankings on Google!

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The first thing you need to ensure is that your content is easily accessible to your visitors, and that it’s easy for search engines to navigate when they crawl your website. You need to ensure that your website has no 404’s, 500 errors, etc., and most certainly no duplicate content. This means you don’t go the ezine sites and pick up free articles that others are using.

Make sure that you have “good” title tags and that your content provides a content rich experience for your visitors. Tools that can help you ensure your site is the best it can be are: Google Webmaster Tools, which are free when you register, and the SEO MOZ web application. This application has more features added to it than you’ll find at Google Webmaster Tools.

How to do Keyword Targeting

If you want people to visit your site, you need to include keywords on your website that they will be using when they do a search. You want words that show they have good volume of visitors, when someone is searching, but you’re also looking for words that have low difficulty. Low difficulty keywords make it easier for you to rank on search engines more quickly.

Does Your Content Offer Real Value for Your Visitor?

Your front page needs to provide real value to people coming to your website. It should include rich content that answers questions, pictures, videos, and any other content that will provide a good experience, and keep them on your website. Don’t provide content just for the sake of having content. The richer the experience, the more likely search engines will be to rank you higher. Remember, search engines have ways of looking at the value of the content you’re offering, and whether it’s going to satisfy people they send to your website.

Website Design Quality and Usability

In this case, having a design company do your website for you will pay big dividends in the long run. Unless you have a good web design background, and have kept current with all the different changes then go with the pros who know what they’re doing. Basic sites can be ok, if users find it easy to navigate, and there’s good quality content on the site.

Most people will go with a website content designer, in order to ensure the search engines will be happy with what they see on your page, and in the background code. You can use tools that you’ll find on the internet to help you if you’re going to go it alone. Five Second Test, Feedback RME, and Silverback App will all help you to check that the usability of your site, and ensure that the visitor experience will be up to search engine standards.

Using Social Media

Social media and SEO are coming together, and are part of the SEO of your site. Besides SEO, the value of social media cannot be understated. These sites allow you to connect with your current users, future users and their friends. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, are by far the most important ones for you to consider using in conjunction with your website. All of these help to provide users with a better user experience and search engines like it when crawling your website. It also provides a way for users to get your information in ways other than visiting your site. When you post new articles you can now cross-post to your social media sites which will help you to expand your audience.

How to Do Link Building the Correct Way

When doing link building it’s important to make sure that the links to your website come from high quality websites. Do not go out and get a bunch of links from any site you find, and have them link to you. Google will be more likely to penalize your website if you do this. Rather, go out and find high ranking websites and work at getting them to link to you. This is especially important for any site that is new and working to get high rankings in search engines.

If you have business contacts or customers who have a website, contact them to discuss linking to you. People who know you and have dealt with you are more likely to be open to linking to you than those who have no idea who you are.

An excellent way to get great links is to offer to do guest posts or articles, for high ranking websites. Simply ask for a short bio box to be placed somewhere, and have it link to your website. News media outlets are another way to earn ranking points. Depending on what your site is about, you may be able to write for them, or have them announce something about your website. If something is new and updated on your website you can use a press release to make an announcement about what has changed. As it gets distributed, your links will be added to other website in a very natural way.

You can choose to hire someone to work on backlinks to your website, but it’s important to make sure that they are targeting high value websites. If you don’t target the right websites, you may end up being penalized by search engines. Take your time and build good valuable links, and search engines will reward you. It may take months to get the good links you want, but in the long term it will pay big dividends.

Overall, links are important, but more important will be the quality of the content on your website. Work on both at a steady pace and the rankings will come, through hard work and good white hat techniques. Do not attempt to achieve all your goals in a few weeks. Search engines will notice this and may give you site more attention that you want.

Through social media you can build a wide audience for your website but it takes time. Most of all, never pay to have someone link to your website. This can easily get you banned from search engines, and then all your efforts will be wasted. Another bad link strategy is using forums where you can post and leave your link. This is not an approved strategy that search engines want to see. They’ll penalize you if you’re caught.

Take it slowly and do it correctly the first time, and you’ll end up being rewarded over the long term. These are the best strategies for anyone starting out in doing SEO for a website. If the above is more than you want to cope with, then hire a professional company who will work on your behalf and do SEO properly for the long term.

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