Local Lead Genie Marketing Program

The marketing program designed to transform your results with the single goal of dominating your local marketplace.

>Local Lead Genie Marketing Program

Mobile Marketing

Imagine being able to send a message to your entire customer list in just a few seconds.  Now, imagine having over 97% of them actually read that message.  With mobile marketing, it’s possible.  Learn more about how mobile marketing can help grown your business.

>Mobile Marketing Services

Video Marketing

Communicating with your customers and website visitors with video is a great way to relay your message.  You can accomplish much more in 30 seconds of video than pages and pages of boring text.

>Video Marketing Services

Reputation Management

It’s just human nature.  People who have bad experiences tend to voice their opinion louder and more often than those who have had good experiences.  If negative reviews are hurting your business, we can help.

>Reputation Management Services

Search Engine Optimization

Is your website easy for search engines to find and navigate?  If you’re using unfriendly site design or making it hard for search engines to understand the content on your site, then you’re missing out on valuable search engine traffic.

>Search Engine Optimization Services

Social Media

Social media is here to stay and is evolving at breakneck speed.  Learn how to integrate social outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more into a new or existing campaign.

>Social Media Services

Pay Per Click Management

Ranking organically takes a little bit of time and offers less control over what keywords you show up for.  Want to show up for relevant, high traffic keywords today? Then a well thought out and expertly implemented pay per click campaign on PPC engines like Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, and Facebook might be a good match for you.

>PPC Management Services

Linkedin Profile Optimization

Whether you’re looking to network, find a high paying job, find outstanding employees, or want to grow your business, Linkedin is a superior resource for meeting the right people.  Most people are not taking full advantage of Linkedin and their efforts are a waste of time.  Learn how to take your networking to another level very quickly with our Linkedn Profile Optimization service.

>Linkedin Profile Optimization

Local Search

Are you showing up in local searches?  When map listings show up for your keyword terms, does your business listing show near the top with 5 star reviews?  If not, there is work to be done in local search.  Learn more about how local search can attract more customers.

>Local Search & Maps Optimization