Mobile and Text Message Marketing

Mobile & Text Message Marketing


Are you using mobile marketing yet?  With the number of mobile Internet users eclipsing the number of desktop users in the next few years, you need to start integrating mobile into your marketing now.  Think about it.  Smartphones and tablets are becoming the browsing tools for a large number of consumers.  People constantly check their phones and tablets for new email, Facebook updates, Tweets, etc.  If your site can’t be easily viewed on these devices, conversion will drop for that segment of your market.

Here a few things you can do to get started with mobile marketing:

1. Make sure your website adjusts its formatting for mobile users

2. Integrate SMS (text message) marketing into your points of sale and advertising.

That’s right.  It’s not that complicated.  Want to see a sample SMS campaign in action?  Text ‘genie’ to 72727  to see it right now.