How to Use Social Media to Increase Page Visits

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Google+ For Local Business is Critical

Companies, and people with personal websites, are starting to understand the value, that social media brings to their overall website presence, and how it can help to attract more visitors to their websites. Of course, the first thing that a social media presence does for you, is to increase your visibility online but it also allows you to connect with people on a personal level which inspires more trust through interaction.

There are a wide range of social media platforms out there for companies to use, and by choosing the proper ones, investing some time in them, the rewards will be worth it. Create good social media pages that engage your customer, and profiles that provide complete information about your business, and they’ll lend an air of credibility to your company brand. The most popular are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These sites are designed to help enhance your online presence, and effectively communicate with your readers, new visitors, and current customers.

Creating a Good Profile

Your profile is what allows you to explain who you are, what your company is about, and the type of services you provide. What your visitors and customers will want from you, is a steady stream of posts that help to inform them, and brings value to their lives. You’ll be able to introduce new products and services, announce updates that are coming, and provide interesting content, that you’ll want to share with your audience.

Maybe you plan to let them to be the first to know about product brands, before they’re released to the general public, and use this to provide them with value. Visitors will also want to interact with you, and seeing a company who engages its visitors, inspires a lot of trust and loyalty to your product. Keeping all your social media platforms updated and fresh, is what helps companies to stay relevant.

Feedback and its Value

When making social media posts, companies should try to engage their audience. Listen to their feedback, and create conversations that go both ways. Listen to the opinions your users are providing you, and you’ll find your visitors will be highly impressed. If you have a customer who is unhappy, this allows you the perfect venue to discuss the issue, and resolve it in a satisfying way for both parties. Others who may be watching this conversation will be impressed that a company is taking the time to resolve problems. Even negative feedback can be turned into a positive experience for both you and your followers.

Gets Social Media Street Creds!

Every piece of information you provide your followers, will help you to gain credibility with your audience. Be open to sharing information from other sources, which you know will help your followers, even though it’s not promoting your website. You’ll build a lot of credibility with them, when they understand that you’re more concerned about the value you can provide them, than you are with boosting your own image.

Offer Visitors Specials

Using all your social media platforms, to provide visitors with access to special offers and discounts, will easily gain a large following for your site. Others will refer people to your social pages, and you’ll build a strong following with the potential to increase the size of your business in a dramatic way.

Using Social Media to Participate in the Community

LinkedIn is a perfect example of how you can connect with others, and promote yourself without being obvious. Through different user groups, you can participate in conversations that help others, ask questions yourself, and gain a reputation for being a knowledgeable person in your field. Ensure that your portfolio is well-rounded and up-to-date, and you’ll find yourself gaining followers without really trying. When people receive personal help from a community member, they’ll help you to build strong relationships and gain the trust of others.

By building a social media plan and implementing it regularly, you’ll build a strong following that will pay huge dividends over time. This is part of what social media is all about for businesses, and it allows you to build a strong following of valuable customers.

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