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The Power of Social Media

Social Media Done Correctly Reaps Benefits

If you’re using social media to try and expand your business, and get more likes and followers, then it’s important to understand not only what to do right, but you need to understand what not to do. I’ve looked at a lot of social media sites, Twitter posts, and a host of other areas and a few things stand out that make me cringe when I see them. Social media is a delicate balance between promoting you or your product and participating in the social media experience.

Stop the sales talk immediately. People don’t follow you just to have you constantly promoting your products. You need to give them a rich experience on Facebook, or offer great information on Twitter. Direct selling is not what social media was designed for, and when you provide great information, you’re website will do the selling for you, as well as those who have “liked” your Facebook page or re-tweeted you on Twitter. Teach people, answer their questions and engage them with comments and you’ll do much better.

Providing information on a limited basis (think once a day), will do more for your social media presence than making too many posts that are not useful. Sometimes, less really is more. If you provide information that people want and need, they’ll be more likely to share it with friends, which then increases your likes and followers. Then step away from your own sites and find others who need information or help. Share your knowledge with them and it will pay big dividends. Keep engaged with your followers, post on their Twitter feeds and Facebook Timelines, and others will see you as an authority in your niche. Do this and more will follow you.

Video and audio done correctly are some of the most favored SEO tools used in social media. Reading all day can be overwhelming and downright boring, but give people something to listen to or watch, and they’re likely to be more engaged with you and your product, and more likely to share it with others. Make sure you put some of your own personality into the video or audio and practice it over and over until you get the right tone. There’s nothing worse than watching a video where someone takes nearly a minute to explain what they’re going to do and they seem to be all over the place. Be prepared and your audience will love you.

Post every day! Your website should be updated daily and then linked to Facebook and Twitter. It should offer valuable information that people need, and an easy way for them to get it and share it with others. I follow a lot of people on these social media platforms and I’m appalled at how often they don’t post for a week or more. That’s not helpful to me and I’m likely to un-follow them and look for someone who offers the same service but with more value for me. Design a social media strategy and then implement it religiously.

Respect people who comment; even when the comments are not flattering. In fact, especially when the comments are not flattering. You’ll find yourself more respected in your field, if you deal with an angry commenter in a positive way. Acknowledge them, and addressing their issues, will go a long way in getting you respect from others who are watching how you handle the problem.

Last – ask for help. If you have a question that you don’t know the answer to, go out into the social media world and ask people for help. Others will give you ideas you may never have thought of, impart their knowledge at no cost, and many of your fans will like that they can engage you and help at the same time.

Don’t forget the meaning of social. It’s not all about promoting you, but engaging with others.

What Is LinkedIn

The Power of Social Media

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