The Top 4 SEO Tips for Your Website

SEO Tips for More Visitors

The top SEO tips seem to change each year, and for the most part, each one still holds a lot of relevance in today’s internet landscape. Today we’ll look at some SEO tips, with a view to helping you improve your website rankings, and ways to get and keep more visitors on your website.

What is SEO in Relation to Your Website?

Optimizing your website is not just for search engines, although it does help, but it’s also about making it an experience for your visitors. There are a number of things you can do to achieve top rankings, but if you page is not designed to capture the attention of your visitor then a top ranking is not going to mean much. Along with thinking in terms of SEO, you must also think in terms of what will please your visitor, keep them on your website longer, and with the idea of having visitors consider the product you offer. One of the best things you can do is to ask 3 friends with no design experience, to look at your website, and tell you their opinion of everything they see on your front page.

Jumping For Joy When You Rank on Page 1

Not so fast. You can rank on page one, or even at the top, but unless your audience engages in your website, or click on links in your website, it won’t mean much. In order to get people to click on your internal links, you’re going to need to engage them with a website that’s easy to navigate. Did you know that over 88% of people will not scroll down on your webpage? That means the real estate at the top of your page needs to capture their attention within seconds, and offer them relevant information, or they’ll leave your website within seconds. You can have the best website in the world, but if it doesn’t capture your visitor’s attention, it’s not going to achieve the results you want.

How Do You Value Your Content?

Most website owners believe their website offers visitors great value and information. Unfortunately, many website owners are not experts in their field, and don’t understand what their visitors are looking for when they arrive. Unless you offer visitors high quality content, that addresses their interests, you’ll lose customers. Your content needs to be well written and with information that your visitor want, and not for the search engines. If you provide them with the best content available they’ll spread the word for you, faster than any search engine will.

How to Use Social Media Properly

Social media play an important role in the number of visitors to your website, and ones that are actually looking for your information. Facebook is probably one of the most valuable search tools, and one of the best ways to get visitors. With over 250 million users, that are active on a daily basis, many of them will search Facebook for a topic they want to follow, that provides value to them.

Many will also find you through search, but when they arrive at your website and see that you offer quality information, they’re very likely to start following you on Facebook. This means that any new information that you post to Facebook will be seen by the number of followers you have. Often, your followers will share your information with their friends, which opens up the opportunity to gain more followers. This is one way to take your website viral, and gain more viewers of your content than ever before.

If the above confuses you, consider hiring a SEO company that will help to achieve both top ranking in search engines and top rankings with your visitors. Companies that specialize in SEO will cost you some money, but the return on your investment will more than pay for it over time.

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