Why Mobile Advertising is Important for Your Business

Do you know how many mobile phones currently are in use today in the United States? A whopping 75% of the population has some type of mobile phone. Currently 55 million people are now using smart phones, and with recent reports indicating that tablets and smartphones will increase dramatically in the next year, local and global businesses are looking at how to use these devices the best way with their advertising budgets.

Mobile phones are normally within reach of the owner at all times. Compare that to how many hours someone is on their desktop during the day and you start to realize the advertising potential of these devices. With the advent of tablets, more people are using smart devices during evening hours while relaxing and watching TV.  But usage has expanded in other areas! Shoppers are using smartphones in the store to research product specs and pricing. They’re using smartphones to ensure that they’re getting what they want and at the best price possible. This results in faster sales and more informed customers.

Businesses have realized online ads are not working as well as they once did. They’re moving to short, quick ads being sent to mobile phones. Research shows that the open rate of this type of advertising is far superior to print ads and desktop ads. The people who receive your ad know it offers value, is short and easy to read, and is not overly intrusive to your life. Did you know that 74% of owners of these phones will purchase something because of information they’ve received on their mobile? People are using them to search out products in a store, see reviews on that product and often purchase within 24 hours.

Mobile advertising does not always have to be about money. Take for instance a stockbroker who wants to alert customers to something happening in the stock market. With his data base of customers already available at his fingertips, he can instantly send a message to all of them, alerting them to what is happening. By doing this he’s providing a value added service to his customers, which in turn builds customer loyalty. Are you more likely to choose this broker over the one who has to phone each individual client? No, you’re going to go with the broker who provides the most comprehensive service.

Another example is the soccer mom who’s considering having some landscaping done. She’s sitting at a game, watching her child play and receives your text message offering $300 off on your landscaping services. She can immediately click on your link, go to your mobile website and talk to someone at your business in a matter of seconds. Your competition has been left in the dust, because they’re not using advertising in a way that provides instant gratification to the customer.

In the next year and beyond, mobile advertising is going to provide businesses with a competitive edge that will provide a return on investment unlike any advertising vehicle currently available. Expectations are that businesses could see sales increase by 5% – 10% in a year.

Whether you are selling fast food or physical inventory in a store, there’s a way for mobile advertising to help your business and provide customer retention. Customers are going to stay with the business that values them, keeps them updated and offers deals before others know about it. You can directly target your market segment with mobile advertising.

If you’re concerned about fitting this into your daily business tasks, there’s no need to worry. Our company assists our customers to meet their every need and ensures the quality of our work is to your benefit. We can handle everything for you! From creating the ad to managing your database, every detail is taken care of. It’s time to learn how this new type of advertising can be used to help you and your business. Is your site mobile friendly? If it’s not, then be sure to update your website soon. LocalLeadGenie.com can help you to have a mobile site in a matter of hours.  Contact us today at 877-634-1710.

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