WordPress Plugins for SEO

Two of the best plugins for WordPress, have to be “All in One SEO” and “Yoast”. SEO plugins are user friendly options, which allow you to optimize your website or blog, so that you get more recognition from search engines. These applications go way beyond what a standard WordPress installation can do for you, and if you want better rankings in Google and other search engines, then these plugins allow you to take things up a notch, and give you an advantage over the competition.

All in One SEO Pack

With this plugin there is a free version and a pro version. The pro version is currently being offered for $39.00, but the free version is a good place to start. If you want to optimize your blog or website, this plugin will automate the entire process for you. It will give you the Meta tags you need, for your post to be optimized, and helps with titles for your page. If you’re an advanced user, you’ll be able to customize any of your post titles, URL structures, descriptions, and all tags for any of your posts.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Free, and ranked as one of the best SEO plugins, is Yoast. It offers users the best opportunity for a complete all-in-one SEO tool. You’ll have the ability to use the page analysis to snippet preview. Both of these help users to, optimize their website content, Meta descriptions, page content, image titles, and create XML sitemaps. Best of all, they are constantly updating this plugin, and adding additional features, that will keep up with all the search engine algorithm changes that occur frequently.

SEO Rank Reporter

This is an interesting plugin, which will let you track keywords on your website, so you can see how well they are performing. It will give you a graphic report, every few days, and it will send you a notification by email if particular keywords suddenly show a major change in their ranking on search engines. Then you can make adjustments to your page, depending on the information you receive in the report.

SEO Content Control

This is a great plugin which will help you to identify content on your website that’s considered weak. For instance, if you forget to write descriptions for any of your categories, this program allows you to see this as a spot where you can improve your SEO. The program allows you to identify areas that are weak, and could be improved. Many of these areas can be troublesome when it comes to SEO rankings. Using this will ensure that your pages are as fully optimized for search engines.

SEO Smart Links

This nifty plugin will automatically link your keywords or phrases from other blog posts, directly in the post you’re creating. This allows you to choose your own keywords, which you want to highlight, and match them up with URLs to other pages within your website. If you want to have a “nofollow” attribute, or open links in a different browser page or tab, this program will take care of that for you. This program is a great time saver and allows you to understand more about SEO “best practices” while linking to internal posts.

All of the above plugins help to give your entire website an overall and complete SEO tune-up. Take your time to know and understand what each plugin can do for you, and how it will benefit your website. Your website content will be more noticeable, and should attract more traffic, that consists of your immediate target audience goals.

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